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(If you are familiar with JCO guidelines and requirements, click here to go directly to the online submissions system. NOTE that the submissions system is entirely separate from the JCO Online Archive and other website functions.)

JCO invites the submission of articles, technique clinics, clinical aids, pearls, and case reports related to the practice of orthodontics. Contributions are received with the understanding that they have not been published in print or online, nor are they being considered for publication elsewhere.

JCO submissions must be entered by the author(s) into an online submissions and review system. (This system is entirely separate from JCO's Online Archive and other subscriber information.)

Please review the following guidelines before submitting material:

Also available here are downloadable forms:

It is important to follow the instructions for the proper format of your text file, image file, and author information. We cannot "fix" your materials for you; if they are not correctly formatted for the review process, you will receive a notification from the submission system that the materials must be corrected and re-submitted.

When you are ready to submit your material, go to the online submission site: http://jcortho.msubmit.net .  Note that you will be able to halt your submission during the process, if necessary, and come back to it later.

If you have previously submitted material to JCO or reviewed an article for us (in 2010), you may already have an author account. Click on “New authors should register for an account” to search for an existing author account using your last name, e-mail address, and telephone number.

Contact info@jco-online.com if you are having trouble with the online system or have specific questions about submissions.

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