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Lubrina Handpiece Maintenance System

Issue Date: May 2008

Morita's Lubrina handpiece maintenance system automatically cleans and lubricates contra-angles, straight and air-driven handpieces, and air scalers in as little as 25 seconds per attachment, according to the company. The unit accepts different brands of spray lubricant and allows two different spray lubricants to be used in the same cycle. An air-suction system controls odors.
For additional information, contact J. Morita USA, Inc., 9 Mason, Irvine, CA 92618. (888) JMORITA; www.jmoritausa.com.

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View News Finishing Appliance iFinisher TP Orthodontics, Inc. May 2014
View News Appliance Cleaner Fresh Guard Soaking Crystals Prestige Brands May 2014
View News Self-Ligating Bracket Sensation M Stainless Steel Self-Ligating Bracket Ortho Technology, Inc. May 2014
View News Ear-Loop Masks Breathe E-Z Pleated Ear-Loop Facemask Mydent International May 2014
View News Self-Ligating Bracket Victory Series Brackets 3M Unitek Orthodontic Products Apr 2014
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View News Class II Appliance Esprit Class II Corrector Opal Orthodontics Apr 2014
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View News Patient App Practice Connect App Ortho2 Mar 2014
View News Self-Ligating Bracket BioQuick Self-Ligating Bracket Forestadent USA Feb 2014
View News Digital Model Storage OrthoVault DDS Lab Feb 2014
View News Desensitizer Defend Desensitizing Agent Mydent International Feb 2014
View News Aligner Instruments Bowman Aligner Instruments Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Co. Feb 2014
View News Superelastic Wire Tanso Copper Nickel Titanium Arch Wires American Orthodontics Jan 2014
View News Spring Retainer Flat Apex TMA Spring Retainer QC Orthodontics Lab Jan 2014
View News Impression Material ACU-flow Putty Impression Material Great Lakes Orthodontics Jan 2014
View News Cone-Beam Scanner PreXion3D Eclipse CBCT Scanner PreXion, Inc. Jan 2014
View News Pontic Paint Pontic Paint Perfect A Smile Reliance Orthodontic Products Dec 2013
View News Orthodontic Accelerator Micro-Osteoperforation System Propel Orthodontics Dec 2013
View News Hand Instruments X7 Orthodontic Instruments Line Ortho Technology Dec 2013
View News Intraoral Scanner Lythos Digital Impression System Ormco Corporation Dec 2013
View News Miniature Twin Bracket MiniPrevail Miniature Twin Brackets G&H Orthodontics Nov 2013
View News Impression Material Image Dust-Free Alginate Dux Dental Nov 2013
View News Online Ordering Ortho Classic Online Store Ortho Classic Nov 2013
View News Soap Dispenser Omnicare Bag-on-Valve Instant Foam Soap Dispenser Mydent International Nov 2013
View News Esthetic Labial Wire ClearBow Labial Wire PWG Orthodontic Specialties Ltd Oct 2013
View News Buccal Tubes ifit Direct-Bond Buccal Tube American Orthodontics Oct 2013
View News Isolation System Isodry Dental Isolation System Isolite Systems Oct 2013
View News Retainer Material Invisacryl Ultra Thermal Forming Material Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. Oct 2013
View News Esthetic Bracket Avair Twin Bracket NexaDental Sep 2013
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View News Enamel Sealant Select Defense Enamel Surface Sealant OrthoEssentials Sep 2013
View News Mobile Access Edge Mobile Access for Smartphone or Tablet Ortho2 Sep 2013
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View News Patient Jewelry Braced-lets Metal Bracelets Bracedlets Jul 2013
View News Basic Handpiece TwinPower Turbine Handpiece Basic Model J. Morita USA, Inc. Jul 2013
View News Interdental Brushes Proxabrush Go-Betweens Cleaners Sunstar Americas, Inc. Jun 2013
View News Foreign-Language Sites Foreign Language Versions of the American Orthodontics Website American Orthodontics Jun 2013
View News Management System Management System Edge 3 Ortho2 Jun 2013
View News Apnea Appliance The Narval CC Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. Jun 2013
View News Retention Wire Retanium Lingual Retention Wire Reliance Orthodontic Products, Inc. May 2013
View News Suresmile Certification i-CAT FLX Certified to Use with Suresmile OraMetrix, Inc. May 2013
View News Cloud Computing Relaunch of Dolphin Cloud Sessions Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions May 2013
View News Sterilization Pouches Peel-Vue+ Sterilization Pouch DUX Dental May 2013
View News LED Headlight Ri-Focus LED Headlight Riester America Apr 2013
View News Disposable Wipes Defend+Plus Disinfecting/Deodorizing/Cleaning Wipes Mydent International Apr 2013
View News Disposable Articulators MainStay Disposable Articulator System Whip Mix Corporation Apr 2013
View News Intraoral Scanner TRIOS Powderfree Digital Intraoral Scanner 3Shape A/S Apr 2013
View News Expander Key Smart Key Swiveling Expander Key LeoneAmerica Mar 2013
View News Radiation Reducer Tru-Align’s Rectangular Collimation System Interactive Diagnostic Imaging, LLC Mar 2013
View News Guarantee Program VIA archwires Opal Orthodontics Mar 2013
View News Tablet Keyboard A Combined Keyboard and Case for Tablet Computers Seal Shield, LLC Mar 2013
View News Thermoforming Material Zendura Bay Materials Feb 2013
View News Appointment Reminder The PROminder System PROminder Feb 2013
View News Retainer Pouches Zippered Retain-It Pouch Les Idées, LLC Feb 2013
View News Composite Polishers Komet’s One-Step Polishers Komet USA Feb 2013
View News Extra-Thin Flossers Plackers GentleSlide Disposable Flossers Ranir LLC Jan 2013
View News Handpiece Attachments TorqTech High-Precision Geared Attachments J. Morita USA Jan 2013
View News iPad Check-In App MacPractice Patient Check In App MacPractice, Inc. Jan 2013
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View News Patient-Education Updates Dolphin Imaging's Aquarium Patient-Education Program Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions Dec 2012
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View News Finishing Strips Diamond Finishing Strips Diatech USA Dec 2012
View News Washable iPad Cover Seal Shield Seal Shield LLC Nov 2012
View News Spore-Testing Service Spore-Testing Service for Sterilizers Mydent International Nov 2012
View News Molar Tubes Empower Molar Tubes American Orthodontics Nov 2012
View News Power Flosser Sonicare AirFloss Philips Consumer Lifestyle Nov 2012
View News Diagnostic Deprogrammer Denar Deprogrammer Whip Mix Corporation Oct 2012
View News Sports Mouthguard TotalGard Athletic Mouthguard TotalGard Corporation Oct 2012
View News Lingual Appliances Incognito Lingual Appliance System 3M Unitek Oct 2012
View News Lab Prescription Service Cloud-Based EasyRx Orthodontic Prescription System EasyRx Oct 2012
View News Illuminated Retractor OralEnlight Retractor Molar Bond Sep 2012
View News Digital Model System Maestro 3D Desktop Scanning System Great Lakes Orthodontics Sep 2012
View News Treatment Design Insignia Advanced Smile Design Ormco Corporation Sep 2012
View News Chain Retainer Stainless Steel Ortho-FlexTech Lingual Retainer Chain Reliance Orthodontic Products Sep 2012
View News Ceramic Bracket NeoLucent Plus Low-Profile Ceramic Brackets Ortho Organizers Aug 2012
View News Check-In Application Check In iPad Application tops Software Aug 2012
View News Expander Screw Stealth Slender Expansor Screw American Tooth Industries Aug 2012
View News Disposable Bib Holders Single-Use Snap-Its and Bib-Eze DUX Dental Aug 2012
View News Esthetic Brackets Empower Self-Ligating Bracket American Orthodontics Jul 2012
View News Light-Curing Sealant Defend Pit and Fissure Sealant Mydent International Jul 2012
View News Reception Area Display Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope Jul 2012
View News Toothbrush Covers Toothbrush Shields Toothbrush Shields Jul 2012
View News Digital Treatment Planning Treatment Management Portal 3M Unitek Jul 2012
View News Patient Kits Ortho Kit Diatech USA Jul 2012
View News Online Practice Promotion Sesame Sweepstakes Sesame Communications Jun 2012
View News LED Operatory Light Dental LED Operatory Light Midmark Corporation Jun 2012
View News Enamel-Stripping Tool C-SAW Interproximal Reduction System Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. Jun 2012
View News Cordless Curing Light VALO Ortho Opal Orthodontics Jun 2012
View News Management Alerts AcceleDent Alert Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions Jun 2012
View News Self-Ligating Bracket Sensation Active Ceramic Self-Ligating Bracket Ortho Technology Jun 2012
View News Lower-Dose Imaging Veraviewepocs 3D R100 J. Morita USA, Inc. May 2012
View News Lead-Free Apron Lead-free Aprons and Ponchos DUX Dental May 2012
View News Self-Ligating Appliances Damon Clear Self-Ligating Brackets Ormco Corporation May 2012
View News High-Speed Handpiece Quest Handpiece Lares Research May 2012
View News Flowable Composite Venus Diamond Flow Heraeus Apr 2012
View News Laboratory Discs 987P Disc Komet USA Apr 2012
View News Mobile Access Dentrix Mobile Henry Schein, Inc. Apr 2012
View News Virtual Skylights Illusions of Nature The Sky Factory Apr 2012
View News Latex-Free Gloves Defend Powder-Free Textured Nitrile Exam Gloves Mydent International Mar 2012
View News Mouthguard Material Pro-form Mouthguard Blanks Keystone Industries Mar 2012
View News Management Software ViewPoint 9 Ortho2 Mar 2012
View News Power Toothbrush DiamondClean Philips Healthcare Mar 2012
View News Home Apnea Monitor MediByte Junior Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. Feb 2012
View News Apple Compatibility HTML5-format Videos J. Morita USA Feb 2012
View News Clear Aligners Insignia Clearguide Express Ormco Corporation Feb 2012
View News Torquing Springs Goodman Torquing Springs Ortho Arch Company, Inc. Feb 2012
View News Invisalign Features SmartForce Align Technology, Inc. Jan 2012
View News X-Ray Digitizer Dental Film Digitizer VIDAR Systems Jan 2012
View News Vibrating Appliance AcceleDent Removable Appliance OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc. Jan 2012
View News Emergency Power Unit Silent Sentry Uninterruptible Power Supply OnStat Power, Inc. Jan 2012
View News Apnea/Snoring Appliance MPowRx Snoring and Sleep Apnea Appliance Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. Dec 2011
View News Toothbrushes GUM Technique Sunstar Americas, Inc. Dec 2011
View News Bite Material Flexitime Bite Heraeus Dental USA Dec 2011
View News Hand Lotion Wondersoft Aloe Vera Lotion Dental Creations Dec 2011
View News Athletic Mouthguards Fierce mouthguards DDS Lab, Inc. Nov 2011
View News Evacuation Tips ECOtips IndiGreen Innovations Nov 2011
View News Oral Illuminator OralEnlight retractor Molar Bond, LLC Nov 2011
View News Esthetic Wires VIA Wires Pearl Opal Orthodontics Nov 2011
View News Invisalign Patient Scans OrthoCAD iOC 4.0 Align Technology, Inc./Cadent, Inc. Nov 2011
View News IPR Starter Kit IPR Starter Kit Komet USA Nov 2011
View News Lingual SL Brackets Harmony lingual self-ligating bracket system American Orthodontics Oct 2011
View News Patient Education Updates Aquarium program Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions Oct 2011
View News Dental Chair Pads Tempur Medical chair and headrest pads BioTech Medical, Inc. Oct 2011
View News Disposable Jackets Defend+Plus jackets Mydent International Oct 2011
View News Digital Camera Clinipix 123-EZ2 Clinipix, Inc. Sep 2011
View News Probiotic Mints EvoraPlus Oragenics Sep 2011
View News Screen-Reading Tool Line Reader Version 2 Iconico Sep 2011
View News Apnea Teaching Tool OSA Demonstrator Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. Sep 2011
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View News Esthetic Bracket Avex CX ceramic twin bracket Opal Orthodontics Jun 2011
View News Handpiece Maintenance Lubrina Automatic Handpiece Maintenance System J. Morita USA, Inc. Jun 2011
View News Spring Components Kit Pozzi Malibu Inman Power Component (IPC) Kit LeoneAmerica, a division of American Tooth Industries Jun 2011
View News Orthodontic Instruments Triumph line Ortho Organizers Jun 2011
View News Esthetic Archwires BioCosmetic archwires Forestadent USA Jun 2011
View News Rewards Program Ormco’s Loyalty Rewards Program Ormco Corporation Jun 2011
View News Esthetic Bracket Personalized Color- Matching Technology TP Orthodontics May 2011
View News Specialty Mouth Mirror Mirro-Vac Saliva Ejector Mirror IndiGreen Innovations May 2011
View News LED Loupe Light Feather Light LED Ultra Light Optics May 2011
View News Interdental Brushes GUM Go-Betweens Proxabrushes Sunstar Americas, Inc. May 2011
View News Esthetic Wires polymer-coated esthetic archwire G&H Wire Company Apr 2011
View News Patient Education Edge Animations videos Ortho2 Apr 2011
View News Liquid Dispenser AquaSpense SL Whip Mix Corporation Apr 2011
View News Power Toothbrush Power Toothbrush Mouth Watchers, LLD Apr 2011
View News Model Printing Service 3D.Ortho DynaFlex Mar 2011
View News Low-Dose Scanner Veraviewepocs and Accuitomo cone-beam scanners J. Morita USA Mar 2011
View News Reconvertible Molar Tube SPEED Convertible Tub Strite Industries Mar 2011
View News Intraoral Mirrors Doctorseyes Ultrabright Dental Mirror Great Lakes Orthodontics Mar 2011
View News iPhone App topsOrtho management and imaging system tops Software Mar 2011
View News Welder Features Yates-Motloid orthodontic welder Yates-Motloid, Inc. Mar 2011
View News Esthetic Self-Ligation QuicKlear self-ligating brackets Forestadent USA Feb 2011
View News BPA-Free Laminate Buff Tuff Mouthguard Laminate Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Company Feb 2011
View News Patient/Staff Rewards prepaid VISA incentive cards Incentive CardLab Feb 2011
View News Power Toothbrush Rotadent Plus rotary toothbrush Zila, Inc. Feb 2011
View News Online Lab Prescriptions EasyRx interface Orthodent Laboratory, Inc. Feb 2011
View News Natural Oral Rinse Natural Solution Oral Rinse Dentisse, Inc. Feb 2011
View News Anti-Cavity Products Xylishield gum, mints, mouthrinse, and toothpaste Ultradent Products, Inc. Jan 2011
View News LED Curing Light The BraceCure LED Curing Light OrthoEssentials Jan 2011
View News Left-Handed Burs Cutting burs Komet USA Jan 2011
View News Dry Mouth Rinse Orazyme Dry Mouth Mouthwash Dr. Fresh Jan 2011
View News “Green” Detergents Enzymax instrument-cleaning detergents Hu-Friedy Jan 2011
View News Touchless Mouse Topo Jojo Qualstar Corporation Jan 2011
View News Self-Ligating Bracket F1000 Self-Ligating Bracket LeoneAmerica Dec 2010
View News Clear Aligners ClearCorrect Aligners ClearCorrect, Inc. Dec 2010
View News Intraoral Illumination eBite Intraoral Lighting System Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. Dec 2010
View News Antibacterial Toothbrush Mouth Watchers Toothbrush Mouth Watchers, LLC Dec 2010
View News Biodegradable Floss Organic Biodegradable Silk Floss Radius Nov 2010
View News Self-Ligating Bracket Cabriolet Self-Ligating Bracket Gestenco International AB Nov 2010
View News Sports Mouthguards Brain-Pad 3XS Mouthguard Brain-Pad, Inc. Nov 2010
View News Cloth Barrier Products Transcendentist "Green" Dentistry Products Discus Dental Nov 2010
View News Patient Notification PromptAlert Patient Notification System PromptAlert, Inc. Nov 2010
View News Management Software TopsOrtho 4.0 TOPS Software Nov 2010
View News IPR Unit OrthoSlenderizer OrthoMatics Oct 2010
View News Infection Control IDEAL Sterilization Pouches Dockorth, Inc. Oct 2010
View News Invisalign Features Invisalign G3 Features Align Technology, Inc. Oct 2010
View News Natural Toothpaste Dentisse Natural Reflections Toothpaste Dentisse, Inc. Oct 2010
View News Cloth Sterilization Pouches Transcendentist "Green" Dentistry Products Discus Dental Sep 2010
View News Three-Way Syringe Tips Defend Disposable Air/Water 3-Way Syringe Tips Mydent International Sep 2010
View News Instrument Cleaner Shine reNEW Instrument Stain and Rust Remover Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company Sep 2010
View News LED Curing Light VALO LED Curing Light Ultradent Products, Inc. Sep 2010
View News First Molar Tube Maestro Non-Convertible Single First Molar Buccal Tube Ortho Organizers, Inc. Aug 2010
View News Steam Cleaners KleenJet Steam Surface Cleaners Daimer Industries, Inc. Aug 2010
View News BPA-Free Sealant Embrace WetBond Pit and Fissure Sealant Pulpdent Corporation Aug 2010
View News Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Natural Dentist's Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Revive Personal Products Company Aug 2010
View News Lingual Anterior Bracket MiniAnts Twin Brackets Forestadent USA Jul 2010
View News Oral Pain Relief Kank-A Soothing Beads Blistex, Inc. Jul 2010
View News Disposable Laser Tips Disposable Laser Tips AMD Lasers, LLC Jul 2010
View News Handpiece Turbines Upgraded Turbines ProDrive Systems, Inc. Jul 2010
View News Software Updates Dolphin Management 4.5 Service Pack 1 Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions Jun 2010
View News Laboratory Dust Collector Vaniman Splash-Vac Great Lakes Orthodontics Jun 2010
View News Cheek Retractor Evacu Cheek Retractor Gestenco Interational AB; G&H Wire Company Jun 2010
View News Aligner Attachment Kit A Squared Aligner Attachment Kit Reliance Orthodontic Products Jun 2010
View News Instrument Recycling Environdent Instrument Recycling Program Hu-Friedy May 2010
View News Chairside Parts Holder Chairside Organizer OrthoEssentials May 2010
View News Whitening Trays Opalescence Trèswhite Supreme 15% Opalescence Tooth Whitening Systems, Ultradent Products, Inc. May 2010
View News Ear-Loop Masks Defend+Plus Pleated Procedural Ear-Loop Masks Mydent International May 2010
View News Digital Sensors PerfectSize Platinum Intraoral Sensors DEXIS, LLC, Gendex Dental Systems Apr 2010
View News Infection Control Resource OSAP Website Organization for Safety & Asepsis Procedures Apr 2010
View News Self-Ligating Miniscrew Self-Ligating Spider Screw Ortho Technology, Inc. Apr 2010
View News SmileGuard Orthodontic Mouthrinse Orthodontic Brace Relief Rinse Dr. Fresh, Inc. Apr 2010
View News Low-Speed Motor Air Torx Motor J. Morita USA, Inc. Mar 2010
View News Flouride Toothpaste Clinpro 5000 Anti-Cavity Toothpaste 3M ESPE Dental Products Mar 2010
View News "Green" Practice Resource GreenDOC Product Guide and Checklist of Standards for Green Dental Practices The Eco-Dentistry Association Mar 2010
View News Alginate Retardant Personal Krono Retardant Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. Mar 2010
View News Cleanable Keyboard Cleankeys Keyboard Cleankeys, Inc. Feb 2010
View News Adhesive Removal Kit Orthodontic Adhesive Removal Kit Axis Sybron Dental Specialties Feb 2010
View News Finishing Wire BioFinisher Archwire Forestadent USA Feb 2010
View News Ergonomic Toothbrush Source Toothbrush Radius Feb 2010
View News Lubricant/Release Agent Wink Pulpdent Corporation Feb 2010
View News French-English Dictionary French-English/English-French Orthodontic Dictionary Ortho Plus Feb 2010
View News Class II Appliance Caps Spring Cap Protective Coverings Comfort Solutions Jan 2010
View News Pedodontic Masks Marvy Masque Cone Masks Mydent International Jan 2010
View News Braided Retainer Wire Braided Retainer Wire Ortho Technology, Inc. Jan 2010
View News Bracket Placement Guide Northcutt Crown Axis Indicator Navora Partners, LLC Jan 2010
View News Stone Additive WonderAmix Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. Dec 2009
View News Appliance Pouches Retain-It bags Retain-It Dec 2009
View News Ceramic Brackets Avex CXi polycrystalline alumina brackets Ultradent Products, Inc. Dec 2009
View News Appliance Cleaner Dental Spa appliance-cleaning unit VIOlight, Inc. Dec 2009
View News Intraoral X-ray unit Heliodent Plus intraoral x-ray system Sirona Dental Systems Dec 2009
View News Autoclave Monitor Tape Instrument Management System Lead and Latex Free Autoclave Monitor Tape Hu-Friedy Dec 2009
View News Dental Loupes GEM loupes Kerr Corporation Nov 2009
View News Class II Jumper EasyFit Jumper Forestadent USA Nov 2009
View News LED Operatory Lighting AIM LED Examination Light Burton Medical Products Nov 2009
View News High-Speed Handpiece UltraLite CX high-speed handpiece Lares Research Nov 2009
View News Miniscrew Hand Driver Contra-Angle Hand Driver Dentaurum USA Oct 2009
View News Passive SL Bracket Lotus minitwin bracket Ortho Technology, Inc. Oct 2009
View News Office Music Service Smile Radio Custom Channels Oct 2009
View News Antimicrobial Scrubs Defend cotton-poly scrubs Mydent International Oct 2009
View News Ceph Tracing and Analysis CephX CephX, Inc. Sep 2009
View News High-Speed Handpiece TwinPower Turbine handpiece J. Morita USA, Inc. Sep 2009
View News Invisible Aligners Smart Moves Aligner System Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. Sep 2009
View News Soothing Mouthrinses Natural Dentist mouthrinses The Natural Dentist Sep 2009
View News Lingual Brackets 2D lingual bracket system Forestadent USA Aug 2009
View News IPR Tools OS30 electric handpiece Komet USA Aug 2009
View News Etchant Swabs Redi-Etch swabs Orthogap, Inc. Aug 2009
View News Alginate Delivery System Plug & Press Dispenser Kettenbach LP Aug 2009
View News Desensitizing Varnish Vanish XT Extended Contact Varnish 3M ESPE Dental Products Aug 2009
View News Dentistry Spell Checker Updated Premium Dental Suite Spellex Corporation Aug 2009
View News LED Curing Light Ortholux Luminous Curing Light 3M Unitek Jul 2009
View News Dry-Field Aspirator Fast Dam Aspirator IndiGreen Innovations Jul 2009
View News Colored Brackets Blonde Rainbow Edition Brackets Gestenco International AB Jul 2009
View News Intraoral Mirror Fog Free Intraoral Photography Mirror Ortho-Direct Jul 2009
View News Sterilization Pouch Defend+Plus Sterilization Pouch Mydent International Jul 2009
View News Digital Bitewings Orthophos XG Plus Sirona Dental Systems Jul 2009
View News 3D Imaging Software InVivoDental Volumetric Imaging Software Anatomage, Inc. Jun 2009
View News Office Hygiene Program Ortho Essentials The Procter & Gamble Company Jun 2009
View News Photo Mirror Handle SureGrip Universal Photographic Mirror Handle G&H Wire Company Jun 2009
View News Waterline Treatment Team Vista Waterline Treatment System Hu-Friedy Jun 2009
View News Orthodontic Flosser FlossFish Orthodontic Flosser FlossFish Jun 2009
View News Superelastic Wire CV SuperForce Archwire Masel Jun 2009
View News Steam Cleaning Unit Boss Steam Cleaner Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. May 2009
View News SureSmile Features SureSmile 5.7 Software OraMetrix, Inc. May 2009
View News Esthetic Bracket NeoLucent Low Profile Ceramic Bracket System Ortho Organizers May 2009
View News Bracket and Band Cements Fuji ORTHO LC Automix Formulas GC America, Inc. May 2009
View News Self-Ligating Brackets Quick 2.0 Bracket System Forestadent USA Apr 2009
View News Palatal Expander VECS Palate Expander Azure Ortho Apr 2009
View News Mouthrinses Antigingivitis and Whitening Rinses The Natural Dentist Apr 2009
View News Operatory Cabinetry Rear Cabinets by Kappler Sirona Dental Systems, Inc. Apr 2009
View News 3D Facial Imaging Dolphin Imaging 11 Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions Mar 2009
View News Soft-Tissue Laser StylaOrtho Laser Zap Lasers, LLC Mar 2009
View News Toothbrush and Floss Reach Ultraclean Toothbrush and Floss Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Mar 2009
View News Lingual Bracket System Idea-L Lingual System Leone S.p.A. Mar 2009
View News Marketing Resources Practice Marketing Resource Center 3M Unitek Mar 2009
View News Sensor Sleeves Defend Digital X-Ray Sensor Sleeves Mydent, Inc. Mar 2009
View News Variable-Force Wire Tri-Force Thermal Archwire Masel Feb 2009
View News Esthetic Retainer Clear Fusion Retainer Clear Fusion Orthodontic Appliances, Ltd. Feb 2009
View News Hand Instruments Pantera Pliers and Cutters Ortho Technology, Inc. Feb 2009
View News Evacuator Tips Angle-Ease Evacuator Tips IndiGreen Innovations Feb 2009
View News Fluoride Toothpaste ControlRx Dentrifice 3M ESPE Feb 2009
View News Patient Reward System Tooth Tokens Smile! Feb 2009
View News 3D Model Service AnatoModels Anatomage, Inc. Jan 2009
View News Impression Material EXA'lence Vinyl Polyether Silicone GC America, Inc. Jan 2009
View News Light Panel Diffusers USA Skypanels USA Skypanels, Inc. Jan 2009
View News LED Dental Lamps Gnatus LED Plus Philips Lumileds Jan 2009
View News Web Marketing Tool LinkBox CDs-2-Go, Inc. Jan 2009
View News Molar Bracket Tweezers ProPlace Bracket Placement Instruments DG Industries Jan 2009
View News Miniscrew Caps Comfort Solutions Protective Coverings Comfort Solutions, Inc. Dec 2008
View News Model Photography Stand Tri-View Photography Stand EMF Corporation Dec 2008
View News Arch Developers Transforce Arch Developer Appliances Ortho Organizers Dec 2008
View News Oral Pain Relief Gishy Goo Opal Orthodontics Dec 2008
View News Esthetic Bracket PURE Sapphire Bracket Ortho Technology Nov 2008
View News Universal Cabinet Hamula Chairside Cabinet The Other Orthodontic Company Nov 2008
View News Space Maintainer EZretainer Guray Dental, Inc. Nov 2008
View News Soft-Tissue Diode Technology Spectralase Compact Diode Laser GAC International Nov 2008
View News Low-Friction System Logic Brackets, Slide Ligatures LeoneAmerica Oct 2008
View News Acrylic Resin Biocryl ICE Acrylic Resin Great Lakes Orthodontics Oct 2008
View News Convertible Tube SnapLink Reconvertible Tube Ormco Corporation Oct 2008
View News Adjustable Headrest MultiMotion Patient Headrest Sirona Dental Systems, Inc. Oct 2008
View News Mouthrinses Dentyne Ice Mouth Rinses Dr. Fresh, Inc. Sep 2008
View News Interproximal Strips WS Diamond Strips Komet USA Sep 2008
View News Molar Distalizer Frog Appliance Orthodent Laboratories, Inc. Sep 2008
View News Digital Imaging Veraviewpocs Imaging Unit J. Morita USA, Inc. Sep 2008
View News Patient Education Software Orthoease Insight Orthoease Sep 2008
View News Orthodontic Flosser Platypus Ortho Flosser Paradise Dental Technologies, Inc. Sep 2008
View News Indirect Bonding Trays eplacement Indirect Bonding Trays GeoDigm Corporation Sep 2008
View News Spring System CS-2000 Spring Kit Dynaflex Aug 2008
View News In-Office Communication popCOM Office Communication Software Adstra Systems Aug 2008
View News Online Communication SmileDash Web Portal Smile Reminder Aug 2008
View News All-Tissue Laser Waterlase C100 Biolase Aug 2008
View News Promotional Media USBsmg The Salk Marketing Group Aug 2008
View News Orthodontic Instruments O2 Select Ortho Organizers Aug 2008
View News Low-Profile SL Bracket Discovery SL Bracket Dentaurum USA Jul 2008
View News Dry-Field Retractor ClearField Gold Appliance Denovo Dental, Inc. Jul 2008
View News Financial Software Zuelke Financial Expert Module Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions Jul 2008
View News Buccal Intraoral Mirror Berger RioFoto EMF Corporation Jul 2008
View News Patient Communication Demandforce Dental Demandforce, Inc. Jul 2008
View News Orthodontic Anchorage Orlus Mini-Implant Masel Orthodontics Jul 2008
View News Lingual Brackets for Minor Tooth Movement In-Ovation L MTM Lingual Brackets GAC International Jul 2008
View News Bracket Adhesive Line Syringe-delivered Bonding Products Opal Orthodontics Jun 2008
View News Apnea/Snoring Appliance Thorton Adjustable Positioner 3 Accutech Orthodontic Lab, Inc. Jun 2008
View News Remote Case Presentation Beam2Present Software BeamYourScreen USA Jun 2008
View News Dental Spelling Software Spellex Premium Dental Spelling Software 2008 Spellex Corporation Jun 2008
View News Software by Subscription Version 7 Practice Management Software Orthoease May 2008
View News Handpiece Maintenance Lubrina Handpiece Maintenance System J. Morita USA, Inc. May 2008
View News Retainer Wear Timer Smart Retainer Scientific Compliance May 2008
View News SLS-Free Toothpaste Natural Clean & Gentle SLS-Free Toothpaste Tom's of Maine May 2008
View News Metal Bracket Adhesive Grengloo Adhesive Ormco Corporation Apr 2008
View News Nail-Biting Deterrent Mavala Stop Mavala USA Apr 2008
View News Operatory Lighting Sirolux F Track Mounted Light Sirona USA Apr 2008
View News Patient Contest Kits Marketing in Minutes Contest Kit Orthopreneur Orthodontic Marketing Solutions Apr 2008
View News Instrument Precleaner Enzymax Spray Gel Hu-Friedy Apr 2008
View News Superelastic Wires Nitanium Black Ti Archwire Ortho Organizers Apr 2008
View News Variable-Force Archwire BioForce Wire GAC International, Inc. Mar 2008
View News Expander Screws 620 Series Maxillary Expansor Screw LeoneAmerica Mar 2008
View News Esthetic Metal Brackets Mini Sprint Brackets Forestadent USA Mar 2008
View News Impression Trays Comfort Dental Tray Auradonics, Inc. Mar 2008
View News Periodontal Toothbrush GUM Summit+ Toothbrush Sunstar Americas, Inc. Feb 2008
View News Crozat Wire Cobalt Clasp Crozat Wire LeoneAmerica Feb 2008
View News Interactive CDC Guide OSAP's Interactive Guide to the CDC Guidelines OSAP Feb 2008
View News Canker Sore Relief Ameseal Oral Lesion Relief Spray OMNI Preventive Care, 3M ESPE Feb 2008
View News Specialty Cutters GSQ Tungsten Carbide Cutter Komet USA Feb 2008
View News On-Hold System Customized Dental On-hold Messages Watt Media Feb 2008
View News 3D Imaging Software InVivoDental Imaging Software Anatomage, Inc. Jan 2008
View News Esthetic SL Bracket Oyster 2.0 Self-Ligating Bracket Gestenco International Jan 2008
View News Lip and Cheek Protector Karwoski Lip Protector Karwoski Dental Jan 2008
View News Retainer Cleaner Retainer Splash RTSP, LLC Jan 2008
View News Occlusal Splints Flat Plane and Full Contact Splints Great Lakes Orthodontics Dec 2007
View News Digital Intraoral Sensors XIOS Sensors Sirona Dental Systems Dec 2007
View News Ceramic SL Bracket In-Ovation C Self-Ligating Bracket GAC International, Inc. Dec 2007
View News Molar Tube Lo-Rider Molar Tube TP Orthodontics, Inc. Dec 2007
View News Sterilization Monitor SporeCheck biological indicator monitoring system Hu-Friedy Nov 2007
View News Class II Appliance Williams Appliance Forestadent USA Nov 2007
View News Bite Appliance Lombardi Bionator Bite Appliance Masel Nov 2007
View News Enamel-Protective Resin Ortho-Coat Pulpdent Corporation Nov 2007
View News Lingual Instruments lingual instruments DB Orthodontics, Ltd. Nov 2007
View News Antisialogue Sal-Tropine tablets Hope Pharmaceuticals Nov 2007
View News Closed-Coil Springs OrthoForce CC springs G&H Wire Company Oct 2007
View News Miniscrew System M.A.S. titanium Grade 5 miniscrews Jazi Dental, Inc. Oct 2007
View News Compact Expander Screw Torko Expansor Screw LeoneAmerica Oct 2007
View News Patient Entertainment Puzzle Panels Puzzle Panels Oct 2007
View News Electric Handpiece Osada Electric Handpiece Great Lakes Orthodontics Sep 2007
View News SLS-Free Toothpastes Natural Dentist toothpastes and gels The Natural Dentist Sep 2007
View News Patient Entertainment Head Mount Display i-Vue Sep 2007
View News Drop-In Bracket Hooks Damon 3MX passive self-ligating brackets Ormco Corporation Sep 2007
View News Data Backup Service Data Backup Service Steelgate Technologies Sep 2007
View News LED Curing Light Pencure LED curing unit deliver J. Morita USA, Inc. Sep 2007
View News In-Office Defibrillator Automated external defibrillator Masel Aug 2007
View News Tooth Angle Indicator The Tooth Inclination Pro-tractor (TIP) Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd. Aug 2007
View News Locking Expansion Screw The Snap Lock Expander Forestadent USA Aug 2007
View News Reusable Flosser Reusable Flosser Toothguard Dental Instruments Aug 2007
View News Perio Probes Colorvue probes Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Co. Jul 2007
View News Skeletal Anchorage Ancor Pro skeletal anchor Ortho Organizers Jul 2007
View News Waterline Purifiers Antimicrobial waterline purifier MRLB International, Inc. Jul 2007
View News Management Software Tops-Xtreme practice management software Cogent Design, Inc. Jul 2007
View News Hybrid Bracket NV Hybrid Bracket TP Orthodontics, Inc. Jul 2007
View News Soap and Lotions Scrub’n Glove liquid soap and Glove’n Care hand cream EDS Dental Jul 2007
View News Biocompatible Bracket Extremo brackets Leone America Jun 2007
View News Curing Lights Ortho NM LED Curing Lights Reliance Orthodontic Products Jun 2007
View News Surgical Headlight Surgical Headlight SheerVision, Inc Jun 2007
View News Force Appliance Inman Power Component Inman Orthodontic Laboratories Jun 2007
View News Sterilization Center Instrument Treatment Center Sirona Dental Systems, Inc. May 2007
View News Disposable Mirror Flecta Disposable Mouth Mirror Pulpdent Corporation May 2007
View News Esthetic Brackets SPA Brackets DB Orthodontics, Ltd. May 2007
View News Practice Marketing Save-A-Tooth system Phoenix-Lazerus, Inc. May 2007
View News Esthetic Aligner ClearAligner ClearAligner May 2007
View News High-Speed Handpiece TwinPower Turbine handpiece J. Morita USA, Inc. May 2007
View News Soft-Tissue Laser Odyssey 3Watt Diode Laser Great Lakes Orthodontics Apr 2007
View News Self-Ligating Molar Tubes SL Buccal Tubes Ormco Corporation Apr 2007
View News Tongue Cleaner Tongue Tool Britestar Products Apr 2007
View News Dental Loupes Orascoptic HiRes Loupes Orascoptic or Rudy Project Apr 2007
View News Bracket Identification Laser Identification System for brackets Dentaurum, Inc. Mar 2007
View News Canker-Sore Treatment Cankermelts Orahealth USA, Inc. Mar 2007
View News Color-Changing Alginate Alginmax LeoneAmerica Mar 2007
View News Water Dispenser AquaSpense Whip Mix Corporation Mar 2007
View News Skeletal Anchorage AbsoAnchor Micro Implants Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. Feb 2007
View News Patient Chair Upholstery C8+ Solo Dental Chairs Sirona Dental Systems, Inc. Feb 2007
View News Habit-Breaking Appliances Tongue Tamers Ortho Technology, Inc. Feb 2007
View News Fee Presentation Software AcceptX software AcceptX Feb 2007
View News Labial Wire Expander Nitom Expander Ortho-Care (U.K.) Ltd. Jan 2007
View News Bracket Packs Bravo Excel Brackets Masel Jan 2007
View News Self-Ligating Bracket OpalM Bracket Opal Orthodontics/Ultradent Jan 2007
View News Patient Toothbrushes Spring Toothbrush Vista Dental Products Jan 2007
View News Cordless LED Curing Light Jetlite 5000 LED Curing Light J. Morita USA, Inc. Dec 2006
View News Handpiece Retrofitting ProDrive Systems ProDrive Systems, Inc. Dec 2006
View News Magnetic Instrument Mat Magnetic Instrument Mat Technovent, Ltd. Dec 2006
View News Unit-Dose Etchant Etch-Rite Dental Etching Gel Pulpdent Corporation Dec 2006
View News Miniscrew Head Covers Comfort Cap Comfort Solutions, Inc. Dec 2006
View News Carriere Bracket Tool Carriere LX self-ligating bracket Ortho Organizers Dec 2006
View News Heavy Wire Cutter IX908 heavy-duty wire cutter DB Orthodontics, Ltd. / ClassOne Orthodontics Nov 2006
View News Ceramic Bracket Aqua ceramic brackets LeoneAmerica Nov 2006
View News Power Toothbrush Sonicare Elite e9000 Power Toothbrush Series Sonicare Nov 2006
View News Fluoride Rinse Healthy Teeth Natural Fluoride Rinse The Natural Dentist Nov 2006
View News Management Form Practice organization aids The Practice Source Nov 2006
View News Bilingual Practice Websites Spanish-language web content and translation services Sesame Communications Nov 2006
View News Esthetic Aligner Invisible Inman appliance Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. Oct 2006
View News Thermoforming Machine Easy-Vac Vacuum Thermoform Machine Masel Oct 2006
View News Patient Hygiene Aids Proxi-Tip Pocket Traveler AIT Dental Oct 2006
View News Skeletal Anchorage Spider Screw Temporary Orthodontic Anchorage System Ortho Technology Oct 2006
View News Metal Alloy Bracket Nu-Edge brackets TP Orthodontics, Inc. Oct 2006
View News Natural Oral Care Products Maximum Care products Dr. Ken’s Oral Care / Floss & Go, Inc. Oct 2006
View News Adjustable Impression Trays Disposable Adjust-a-Tray GC America, Inc. Sep 2006
View News Disposable Placement Tool Micro-Stix Microbrush International Sep 2006
View News Patient Entertainment Technology and Lighting Center (TLC) The Seltzer Institute Sep 2006
View News Website Patient Education Software plug-ins Smile! Sep 2006
View News Orthodontic Adhesives Lion Reli-On Adhesive ClassOne Orthodontics Aug 2006
View News In-Office Defibrillator Philips HeartStart Onsite Defibrillator Great Lakes Orthodontics Aug 2006
View News Self-Ligating Bracket Carriere LX Self-Ligating Bracket system Ortho Organizers Aug 2006
View News Canker Sore Treatment Canker Cover patches Quantum, Inc. Aug 2006
View News Home Bleaching Kit Trèswhite disposable trays Ultradent Products, Inc. Jul 2006
View News Antimicrobial Lab Coats Lab coats from Doc’s Duds Doc’s Duds Jul 2006
View News Ceiling Posters Ceiling News Ceiling News Jul 2006
View News Flosser for Children Sturdyfloss Sturdy Floss, Inc. Jul 2006
View News Protective Caps Comfort Caps and Bumpers Comfort Solutions, Inc. Jun 2006
View News Telescoping Expander Zoom-Rax Expander LeoneAmerica Jun 2006
View News Patient Hygiene Kits Oral Hygiene Kits Masel Jun 2006
View News Doctor Chair Zackback Posture Chair The YogaBack Company Jun 2006
View News Vibrating Gum Massager Battery-Powered Gum Massager Dental Concepts Jun 2006
View News Precoated Ceramic Bracket InVu Ceramic Bracket TP Orthodontics, Inc. Jun 2006
View News Tie-Back Pliers Hammerhead NiTi Tie Back Pliers Hu-Friedy May 2006
View News LED Dry-Field Illuminator Isolite i2 Dry-Field Illuminator Isolite Systems May 2006
View News Safety Eyewear Disposable MEDshields SharkLids Eyegear May 2006
View News Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer VIOlight May 2006
View News Universal Bite Spring SUS2 Dentaurum, Inc. Apr 2006
View News Patient Communications T.Link TeleVox Apr 2006
View News Laboratory Steam Cleaner The SteamRunner Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. Apr 2006
View News LED Curing Light Cordless Tu Tu Curing Light G&H Wire Company Apr 2006
View News Self-Ligating Bracket Quick Self-Ligating Bracket Forestadent USA Mar 2006
View News Management Resources The Doctor as CEO Insight Solution Mar 2006
View News Titanium Alloy Archwires CNA Beta III CIA Ortho Organizers Mar 2006
View News Oral Rinse Flavors Healthy Gums Oral Rinse The Natural Dentist Mar 2006
View News test test producct test manufacturer Mar 2006
View News Enamel Stripping Kit Manual Enamel Stripper Glenroe Technologies Feb 2006
View News Screen Calipers Iconico Screen Calipers Iconico Feb 2006
View News Gum-Massaging Toothbrush OnGuard Toothbrush OnGuard Dental Products Feb 2006
View News Disposable Flossers Plackers Plus Single-Use Dental Flosser Placontrol Feb 2006
View News Patient Reward System Tooth Token Reward System Smile! Feb 2006
View News Inventory Management OrderTrax Klarion LLC Feb 2006
View News Alignment System OrthoClear OrthoClear Jan 2006
View News Composite Biteplanes Bite-Bumpers Gestenco International Jan 2006
View News Palatal Expansion Ruler RME Ruler Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. Jan 2006
View News Interproximal Stripper MiniStripper Compact Interproximal Stripping System Ortho Technology, Inc. Jan 2006
View News Bright Applicator Colors Microbrush Plus Disposable Applicators Microbrush International Jan 2006
View News Antibacterial Hand Soap Medicascrub Foaming Hand Soap First Medica, Inc. Jan 2006
View News Bonding Adhesive Kits Granitec Light-Cure and No-Mix Bonding Systems Masel Dec 2005
View News Anchorage Implant Aarhus Mini-Implant ScanOrto Dec 2005
View News Bracket Tweezer/Aligner Stainless Steel Bracket-placing Tweezer Ortho Organizers Dec 2005
View News Toothbrush Holders Smiley Toothbrush Holder Pacific Drygoods / Benco Dental / Patterson Dental / Pearson Dental Dec 2005
View News Palatal Expander Memory Anatomic Expander Forestadent Nov 2005
View News Activation Key Swivel Endoral Key LeoneAmerica Nov 2005
View News Lead-Free Aprons Lead-Free X-ray Apron Dux Dental Nov 2005
View News Skeletal Anchorage Pin Temporary Orthodontic Micro Anchorage System (tomas) Dentaurum, Inc. Nov 2005
View News Apnea Screener SleepStrip Great Lakes Prosthodontics Oct 2005
View News Clear Appliance Remover Appliance Remover Tool Raintree Essix Oct 2005
View News Patient Education CD Tooth-Shaped Mini-CDs Smile! Oct 2005
View News Palatal Sweeper L’il Palates Berman / Big Palette Enterprises Oct 2005
View News Disposable Mouth Mirrors Cool Colors Mouth Mirrors Dynaflex Sep 2005
View News Fixed-Removable RPE Freedom-Lock RPE Accutech Orthodontic Lab, Inc. Sep 2005
View News Aligner Seating Device Aligner Chewies Glenroe Technologies Sep 2005
View News Esthetic Archwires Tooth Tone Plastic-Coated Archwires Ortho Organizers Sep 2005
View News Dental Chair Pads Memory-Foam Chair Pads Crescent Products Sep 2005
View News Cordless Curing Light G-Light Cordless Curing Light GC America Aug 2005
View News Elastomeric Chain Elastomeric Chain Masel Aug 2005
View News Lip Ring Retractor Lip Ring Retractor Ortho Technology Aug 2005
View News Digital Pan/Ceph Strato Digital Dent-X Aug 2005
View News Toothbrush Sanitizer VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizing VIOlight Aug 2005
View News Thermoforming Material ACE Thermoforming Material Raintree Essix Aug 2005
View News Thermoforming Sheets Ultrafit Thermoforming Sheets Glenroe Jul 2005
View News Face Mask Keles Face Mask Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. Jul 2005
View News Expansion Screw Ratcheting Expansion Screw Specialty Appliances Jul 2005
View News Lingual Bracket System Magic lingual bracket system Dentaurum, Inc. Jul 2005
View News Orthodontic Miniscrews Dual-Top Anchor System Rocky Mountain Orthodontics Jun 2005
View News Light-Cured Adhesive Aegis Orthodontic Adhesive Harry J. Bosworth Company Jun 2005
View News Cheek Retractor Double Ended Stainless Steel Cheek Retractor DynaFlex Jun 2005
View News Toggle Assembly Quick Lock Toggle Assembly Whip Mix Corporation Jun 2005
View News Power Toothbrush Professional Care 8000 Rechargeable Toothbrush Oral-B Jun 2005
View News X-Ray Viewbox LP204 Flat Panel X-ray Viewer Image Marketing Corporation Jun 2005
View News LED Curing Unit Astra Mini LED Class One Orthodontics, Inc. May 2005
View News Eruption Appliance Eyelet and Traction Chain Ortho Technology May 2005
View News Composite Biteplane Opti-MIM Bite Guide Ortho Organizers May 2005
View News Tooth-Whitening Systems TiON In-Office Tooth Whitening System GC America May 2005
View News Class II Appliance T4CII (Trainer for Class II) Raintree Essix May 2005
View News Bonded Palatal Expander Deluke Contoured Expander Accutech Orthodontic Lab, Inc. May 2005
View News Self-Ligating Brackets Damon 3 Passive Self-Ligating Brackets Ormco Apr 2005
View News Digital Caliper Electronic Digital Caliper Masel Apr 2005
View News Resin Applicator Acrylic Applicator Kit Great Lakes Orthodontics Apr 2005
View News Mini-Brackets Equilibrium Stainless Steel Mini-Brackets Dentaurum, Inc. Apr 2005
View News Glass Fiber Retainer EverStick Ortho G&H Wire Company / StickTech Mar 2005
View News Brushless Tooth-Cleaning System Dental Air Force System Air Force, Inc. Mar 2005
View News Management Software Absolutely Simple Orthodontic Software ASOS Products Mar 2005
View News Plasma Arc Curing Light Litex 685 Plasma Arc Curing Light Practicon Dental / Dentamerica Mar 2005
View News Distal End Cutters Flush-Cut Distal End Cutters Masel Mar 2005
View News X-Ray Illuminators Techline X-ray Illuminators Cardinal Health Mar 2005
View News Ratcheting RPE Screw RatchetRax RPE Screw OrthoXpand International, Inc. Feb 2005
View News Utility Archwire Bio-Kinetix Nitanium Utility Archwire Ortho Organizers Feb 2005
View News Cordless Water Jet Waterpik Dental Water Jet Waterpik Technologies Feb 2005
View News Direct Bonding System Bräjen Unibond Ortho-Byte.com Jan 2005
View News Customized Imprinting Imprinted Elastics Pouches Glenroe Technologies Jan 2005
View News Adjustable Facemask Multi-Adjustable Facemask Ortho Technology Jan 2005
View News Class II Corrector PowerScope 2 American Orthodontics Jan 1900
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